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Uni design: lessons learned from music road gear

Mobile classroom for train stations in India

Here’s a mobile classroom that is used to teach children in India. The founder of the project invented a way to go directly to orphaned and homeless children—children who end up in India’s train stations and are often swept up by adults for exploitation. Learn more on the project web site or watch a PBS documentary. I admire the […]

Uni Design: early design images

Locating Libraries in Metro Stations, Stockholm.

Inauguration day of “T-Sture”, the new Metro Library at Stureplan, Stockholm from Åke Nygren. Here’s a glimpse of what appears to be the opening of a new library in a Metro Station in Stockholm. (Note the fresh flowers, cafe area, and acrobats.) We’ve been exploring the concept of “library outposts,” a term which we trace […]

Open-air Reading Room at Bryant Park, NYC

  Boston Street Lab toured the open-air Reading Room at Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan and met with Paul Romero, Project Director. The original Reading Room began in 1935 as a public response to job losses in New York, and it ran until the start of WWII. The current Reading Room draws on that precedent by offering carts […]

Nate Hill—library outposts

The concept of a storefront library is not unique to this moment in Boston. There is a gentleman who has been thinking about library outposts for some time. Boston Street Lab is thrilled that Nate Hill, currently heading up the Greenpoint branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, has agreed to sign on as a Project Advisor to the […]