About Street Lab

The Uni is a new kind of “institution-in-a-box,” designed to make books and educational activities available in public, right at street level, in the heart of our cities. We start with the conviction that books and learning should be prominent, accessible, and part of what we expect at street-level. Learn more here.

Street Lab creates programs for public space. We're a 501c3 nonprofit organization, and we do this work because we care deeply about shared public space and shared public experiences. We now operate as the Uni Project and work solely in New York City.


Visit the Uni Project web site.
The Uni:

Funded on Kickstarter in 2011

Past Projects


It has been our pleasure to host the library. You have done an amazing job with this project. Having the [Storefront] library in our building has exceeded all of our expectations.

Archstone Retail Leasing Manager

The opportunity to bring our workshop and a selection of our zines to the library kept us inspired to continue our own mission as a library, and gave us a lot of ideas about how we may do that.

Papercut Zine Librarians