On Friday, Films at the Gate features the 1929 silent film RED HEROINE with an original score created and performed live by Devil Music Ensemble. This silent film from 1929 is the oldest complete swordplay (wuxia) film in existence. It’s also a good example of the classic “nu xia” or “female knight” plot, where the young heroine learns to fight the bandits who have taken over her town. Jean Lukitsh, Films at the Gate curator, has posted an entry on her blog Electric Shadows about the return of Red Heroine to the screen. Friday’s performance begins Devil Music Ensemble’s nationwide 32-city Red Heroine Tour 2008 with funding from New England Foundation for the Arts.

Friday’s film will be preceded by a lion dance, performed by members of the Nam Pai Kung Fu Academy. The lion dance will begin around 7:15 PM.

Last night, nearly all 200 rented chairs were in use. We encourage you to bring your own seating if available—there’s plenty of room to set up more chairs on the lot. See you tonight.