Films at the Gate closes tonight with Iron Monkey, a kung fu comedy about the childhood of one of China’s most famous martial arts heroes. The citizens of a small Chinese town suffer from failed crops and corrupt officials. Their salvation comes in the form of a Robin Hood figure, the Iron Monkey, who steals from the rich to give to poor. When martial arts master Wong Kay-ying arrives, his martial arts skills lead local lawmen to suspect that he may be the masked outlaw. Wong’s son, Wong Fei-hung, is caught in the line of fire as he fights to clear his name. In the end, Wong and the Iron Monkey must join forces to face the real villain of the piece. Starring Boston’s Donnie Yen. 

(In 2001, Jean Lukitsh, Films at the Gate curator, interviewed actor Donnie Yen and director Yuen Wo-Ping about their work on IRON MONKEY.)

Tonight’s film will be preceded by a 10 minute performance by Bow Sim Mark Tai Chi Arts Association and Rick Wong’s Chinese Martial Arts at 7:20 PM.

Come join us as we conclude Films at the Gate 2008 this evening.