27stuartWe’re looking for a vacant, street-level, accessible commercial space in Chinatown that can serve as the temporary home of the Storefront Library.

For owners of vacant commercial real estate, this is an opportunity to improve the community surrounding your property. Hosting Storefront Library will bring positive attention to your role in the community and put your property in the news. Press releases, signage, and media materials will include prominent recognition of your role in the project. If you like, we’ll also highlight that you are looking for a tenant or buyer.

The temporary installation will be supervised by an architect and experienced site manager, and the space will be returned to the owner in the same or better condition than found. The project is fully insured, offering an additional protection to the owner.

Help us create something remarkable in Chinatown this year—donate your underutilized space to the Chinatown Storefront Library. email us iconinfo@storefrontlibrary.org