Thanks to a generous in-kind donation from Penpower Technology Ltd, the Storefront Library will feature two new tools supporting Chinese language speakers and learners:penpower1

  • A tablet, called Penpower Junior, enables anyone to conduct a web-search, write an email, or otherwise input text into a computer by writing. Traditional or Simplified Chinese, Hong Kong characters, Japanese and Korean writing, English, numbers, and even symbols, can all be recognized easily, even mixed together, with no restrictions on the sequence or style of writing.
  • A language learning tool, called Penpower Chinese Expert, immerses learners in a Mandarin listening and speaking setting. Print materials can be scanned and read-aloud in Mandarin by the computer in a human-like voice. Students can also improve speech ability by speaking to the computer and receiving feedback. (Watch video introduction to Penpower Chinese Expert via You Tube.)

Penpower Technology Ltd. was founded in 1991 by Dr. Yih-Tay Tsay. For more information about the company, visit Penpower Inc, USA or Penpower Technology, Global.