This year, during Films at the Gate 2009, join us for a short series of Tai Chi and martial arts demonstration classes and rehearsals on the vacant lot just before the space is transformed into an outdoor, neighborhood cinema each night.

bowsimmarkWe’ve asked several local groups, who normally conduct their classes behind closed doors, to come down and do their work on the lot, so passersby and film-goers can see some of what goes on behind the scenes in Chinatown. Although we’re not able to offer these classes to the public, you can stop by, sit down, and watch the “show.” Thanks to the Wah Lum Kung Fu Athletic Association, Bow Sim Mark Tai Chi Arts Association and Rick Wong’s Chinese Martial Arts Center for participating in this experiment. By coming outside, these groups are showing their support for the event, the neighborhood, and the way we come together on a vacant lot to watch movies and experience the city together.

Please join us and show your support for the same.  Check our schedule from more details coming soon.