Five-Minutes_250A special feature of this year’s Films at the Gate is the Boston premiere of two short martial arts films by local filmmaker Nathan A. Quattrini. FIVE MINUTES FLAT, a do-or-die thriller with the hero racing the clock to save his own life, won an award as “Best Action Sequence Martial Arts Short” at the Action On International Film Festival 2009 in Pasadena, CA, this summer. AMERICAN CHOP SUEY is a comedy about a fellow who believes he learned kung fu from watching Hong Kong action films on TV. When his DVD subscription is canceled, he sets out for revenge against the company that took his ‘master’ from him.

American-Chop-Suey_200Nathan brings a fan’s passion for classic kung fu movies combined with a professional’s eye for choreography and direction to his work. The result is a New England take on Hong Kong action! See FIVE MINUTES FLAT on Friday and AMERICAN CHOP SUEY on Sunday at Films at the Gate.