Hope 4000

On Sunday, Hope Nguyen entered the 4000th donated book in the Storefront Library Online Catalog, as Amy Cheung, Program Manager, looked on.

In two months, more than 40 volunteers have contributed nearly one thousand hours of public service in the Storefront Library, and it’s fitting that Hope was there to mark our latest milestone. Hope has a remarkable combination of kindness, good humor, and tenacity that she lends to the library every Sunday. Her extensive work with the collection means that any book you borrow has probably passed through her hands.

We love data in the Storefront—cataloging donated materials means we can circulate books efficiently and learn about what the community wants in a library. But the success of this institution depends on something more important: the dedication and generosity of our volunteer staff. Thank you to Hope Nguyen and all the Storefront Library Volunteers for their service. Here’s a scrapbook to remember our time together!