Join us in the Storefront Library today for two language learning events:

1PM—English Language Conversation Practice. Join a guided conversation to practice your English skills. All levels—drop in anytime from 1-2PM.

5PM—Workshop on ESOL Courses & Scholarships at The American Chinese Christian Educational and Social Services.  Come learn about Intensive courses for improving pronunciation and English for Restaurant Workers, scholarships, and a school “Enrichment Program” for grades 2-5. Presented in English and Cantonese. 免費講座﹕基督教華人社區服務中心成人英語冬季強化班和春季班及獎學金. 基督教華人社區服務中心將詳細介紹它們開設的成人英語課程。本講座重點介 紹提高讀音水平和針對餐館工人開辦的冬季強化班﹐以及從初級到中級水平的春 季班。最後﹐還將介紹有關申請春季班全額或半額獎學金的情況,以及面嚮K2至K5 年級的放學後豐富課外活動的計劃。講座以及散發材料均為中英文。