Drawing Workshop in the Storefront Library
Sunday, January 10, 12PM-3PM.

MAKE YOUR MARK and DRAW in the Drawing Lab! Come DRAW and EXPLORE with artist, Deb Putnoi. You will: Draw to music and different sounds; Draw using your sense of TOUCH as your guide; Experiment with DIFFERENT DRAWING MATERIALS; Draw on different kinds of papers and surfaces. This workshop is for EVERYONE to DRAW: young and old, experienced artists and beginners. It is for those who love to draw and for those who may be afraid to draw.

Discussion on the History of Chinese Restaurants
Sunday, January 10, 2PM.

Join in for a facilitated discussion on the history of Chinese restaurants. This event is presented by the Chinese Historical Society of New England in conjuction with the exhibit “Chow Mein Sandwiches, Chicken Wings, and Cheese Burgers,” which is on view in the Storefront Library through January 17. Curators of the exhibit, John Eng-Wong and Heather Lee, from Brown University, will be on hand to facilitate.