When we compared music, theater and dance rehearsals for the launch of Work In Progress, dance was far and away the most challenging activity to produce in a vacant storefront. But we also thought dance would have the most impact.

The solution: a custom-designed, modular, portable dance floor rented from the Boston Dance Alliance.


Last week, I drove up to the storage facility to finalize trucking measurements and take a closer look. The floor is actually a system, which gives it versatility to create an extraordinary range of set-ups and even the ability to serve multiple locations simultaneously. The panels are manageable size and weight, and they travel in sturdy metal carts clearly labeled to indicate their role as internal, edge, or corner types. The panels are 100% post industrial recycled wood fiber, with no added formaldehyde. Simple, study, smart—I love what I’ve seen so far.

It’s a significant undertaking to invest in and build portable infrastructure like this. Boston Dance Alliance has done something terrific for the city of Boston. We’re hoping to learn from this portable floor and incorporate some of its intelligence into our upcoming project, which will be a portable reading room.

Thanks to the Boston Dance Alliance for making Work in Progress possible. Learn more about how you can rent the floor here.