On Sunday, after the dancers left for the day, we shut the doors to the Work In Progress space to work a new experiment. Over the next four hours, we created an installation that broadens Work In Progress in a remarkable way: we’re now able to show a writer at work, his words projected nearly two stories tall as he writes.

I am grateful to Jared Green for offering himself up for this experiment, for working with me to hone the set-up, and, most importantly, for sharing his life as a writer in a manner that I found spectacular and intimate, all at once.

I watched the words flow from his screen onto the brick wall, and I saw something I’ve been seeking in my own work with Boston Street Lab—a public space that is empty of distraction, ads, and pop-ups and filled with hard work, passion, and meaning.

The writer will return Friday, May 6 from 6:00-8:00PM. Thanks for watching us work.