We concluded the Storefront Library over a year ago in Chinatown, and tonight I’m excited to share photos of something new underway which I believe has tremendous potential to carry the torch forward in the neighborhood. Terrific people are getting behind a new, energetic effort to create a space for Chinatown that can offer books, culture, and more.

I’ll let the creators announce their own work in due course, but I’m so happy to be helping out, and I just want to share some photos from yesterday, when I labored with Kye Liang of The Chinatown Coalition, John Hsieh of Asian American Resource Workshop, and Dr. Nelson Kiang to pull together and truck some books which are being made available to Chinatown. (Some of our Storefront Library furniture also went on board.) I hope to see the new books combined with those from the Storefront Library soon.

And then, most importantly, put in the hands of the public. Stay tuned.

Updated 7/13/2011:

Here’s a new job posting from the Chinatown Coalition. They are seeking manager to help work on a new Chinatown Cultural Center that builds on the model of the Storefront Library:

Updated 8/19/2011: The Boston Globe covers the emerging solution for bringing books to Chinatown: