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Films at the Gate: Red Fists, the Man Behind SHAOLIN TEMPLE

Films at the Gate starts is almost here! Check out the 2012 schedule chosen by curator Jean Lukitsh. Here’s another terrific post from Jean about one of her picks SHAOLIN TEMPLE. Thanks Jean! To say that Cheung Sing-yim (1935- ), the director of Jet Li’s debut film THE SHAOLIN TEMPLE, is relatively unknown is putting […]

Films at the Gate: See you next summer!

Films at the Gate comes to an end early this year. We will not be on the Greenway this weekend in Chinatown Park due to the approaching storm. Thank you to everyone who transformed a vacant lot into a cinema on Thursday and Friday. Keep dry. Stay safe. See you next year.

Films at the Gate: 2011 photos & video

Here are some images from the past few days on the lot. Thanks to photographers Jeremy Osborn, Malcolm Davol, and Biying Zhang. Got some Films at the Gate photos to share? Send them over and we’ll do our best to post them here.

Films at the Gate: Friday night’s Film: Gallants

Friday’s film GALLANTS is an affectionate indie comedy about finding the soul of old Hong Kong in the modern day. It was a surprise hit in Hong Kong last year, and, in the following post, our curator Jean Lukitsh takes you behind the scenes to meet the talent: The young filmmakers behind GALLANTS, the surprise kung […]

Films at the Gate: Films are on!

Welcome to Chinatown! Thank you curator Jean Lukitsh, Iris Tan of ACDC, and all the volunteers who have been working on the sixth annual Films at the Gate. We are ready to go, and it’s always a pleasure to work with such great people to bring Chinese-language films to the community. Iris went the extra […]

Films at the Gate: Before the films, we have action

Films at the Gate is proud to present some of the best kung fu talent from Boston’s Chinatown! Each evening, we will have free live performances from local masters and schools before screening a classic kung fu movie. Don’t miss a single night! Live performances start around 7:30PM, Films at 8:00PM. Detailed schedule here. Below, […]

Films at the Gate: All in the Family – Fung Fung, Fung Hak-on, and Fung Bo Bo

Films at the Gate’s Jean Lukitsh introduces us to the Fung family, many of whom have played a role in films we’ve shown over the years and this season as well. Thanks Jean! From Hong Kong to Hollywood, show business tends to be a family affair. Once an actor or director finds success, doors open […]