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The future of (storefront) libraries

Here’s an interesting prediction about the future of libraries just posted by a blogger who works in electronic resource management in New Jersey. Eric Hellman thinks the advent of ebooks and high operations costs will lead to fewer libraries but more locations in places like shopping centers and storefronts: While the shift to digital media […]

Start small, aim big: Express Library, Mesa AZ

We just read with interest about a newly launched “Express Library” in Mesa Arizona: 2500 square feet, open three days a week, funded by impact fees from real estate developers. Less than 7% of the start-up costs were used to renovate the storefront—the rest was spent on materials. Ongoing operating costs will be covered by […]

We are not alone.

On Sept. 17, 2009, a temporary branch of the North Park Library was opened in a Kmart Plaza storefront in North Buffalo, NY. The library is 4000 sq. feet and includes a computer lab and children’s area. We appreciate how the planners created a timeline describing the steps they took in developing this project, including […]