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A reflection on Work In Progress from Jody Weber, Artistic Director, Weber Dance

Below is note from Jody Weber, reprinted with her permission, in which she reflects on our three weeks together on Work In Progress. Boston Street Lab couldn’t have asked for a better performing arts partner, and we learned so much from Jody and her company about how dance is rehearsed and what dancers need to […]

Work In Progress: the home stretch

Below is an updated schedule from Weber Dance for the final weekend of Work In Progress (open rehearsals in vacant storefronts) in Fort Point Channel. Tonight, we’ll also be featuring Jared Green, writer, who will be working live in the space. This weekend is Fort Point Channel Open Studios Weekend—things are happening all over the […]

Work In Progress: a writer at work.

On Sunday, after the dancers left for the day, we shut the doors to the Work In Progress space to work a new experiment. Over the next four hours, we created an installation that broadens Work In Progress in a remarkable way: we’re now able to show a writer at work, his words projected nearly […]

Work In Progress: Ask the Dancers

We’ve been experimenting with ways to connect the performing artists and the audience, while minimizing interruptions and disturbances. Here’s something we borrowed from our previous project, the Storefront Library, which included a question box for library patrons to drop a question for a volunteer librarian named Astrid. She would do her best to answer the […]

Work In Progress: When does the real show start?

During this morning’s open rehearsal, a man with a dog leaned against the mezzanine railing and watched a choreographer lead seven dancers through a new routine. On the way out, he asked, very politely, “when does the real show start?” Work In Progress is essentially about two things. The first is activation of underutilized space. […]

Work In Progress: Weber Dance and Jon Turk settle in

Weber Dance had a good, long rehearsal today. The space is functioning well, and the public is starting to drop in and watch. Jon Turk, author and collaborator on the dance piece took the stage and did some dramatic storytelling. Chris Engles was on the floor, capturing video for Weber Dance that we’ll link to […]

Work In Progress: one long day and we are underway

Weber Dance has taken the stage at Work In Progress. Join us during the next three weeks and watch them rehearse. Schedule here. Today was a long and fulfilling day for Boston Street Lab. Watch our own progress in the photo/video slideshow below. Thanks to Boston Street Lab’s Maggie Husak, who helped assemble the floor […]