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Work In Progress launches tomorrow

Tomorrow, we’ll take this raw space and transform it into a rehearsal studio for seven dancers, a scientist, and a poet. And the public. Thank you to the staff at Midway Studios and the residents living above, who have already dropped by to say hello. Thank you to Weber Dance, Boston Dance Alliance, and Hallkeen […]

Work In Progress: meet the floor

When we compared music, theater and dance rehearsals for the launch of Work In Progress, dance was far and away the most challenging activity to produce in a vacant storefront. But we also thought dance would have the most impact. The solution: a custom-designed, modular, portable dance floor rented from the Boston Dance Alliance.   […]

Artist Courtney Moy contributes watercolor artwork and poster for Work In Progress

We’re excited to be working again with local artist Courtney Moy. Last year, she generously donated her time to create artwork for our project Films at the Gate (movie theater in a vacant lot). Now, she’s created artwork for Work In Progress—all on her own time, after working long hours by day. Thank you Courtney. […]

Work In Progress: meet the space

Preparations are underway for the launch of Work In Progress (open rehearsals in vacant storefronts), and we’ll be reporting about it here on the blog. Our first location in Fort Point Channel, Boston is a somewhat atypical vacant storefront situation—it has limited views from the street but is extraordinarily large at 20,000 square feet. Either […]

Boston Street Lab to launch Work In Progress on April 22: open rehearsals, vacant storefronts

We’re excited to announce the launch of Work In Progress, April 22 – May 8. Here’s the concept: performing arts rehearsals in vacant storefronts. It’s our take on Art Windows. Thank you to our space partner HallKeen Real Estate and our performing arts partner Weber Dance. Thanks also to Boston Street Lab’s own Maggie Husak […]